Top Things To Consider Before Relocating Your Office

For various reasons many companies shift offices. If you are considering the option yourself, you will have to give it serious thought because the process indeed is not an easy one. So many factors need to be taken into consideration and so many hours of extra work will have to be put in by the employees during the final phase of shifting. The article below includes a few things that you must keep in mind before taking the decision.

The location

The new location that you have picked for the office should be convenient for your employees and stakeholders. Make sure you pick a strategic location which will make it easier, not harder, for you to carry out your day to day tasks. If you can choose a place that lies in close proximity to banks and other financial and business institutions it will be quite easy for you to carry out your tasks in the future.

The size of the building

The new building must have the capacity to accommodate your staff comfortably. If you have plans to expand in the future, make sure the place that you choose can be expanded too. You really shouldn’t make the process of moving out a routine exercise, so make wise decisions.

The condition of the building

Pre purchase building inspections Geelong are indispensable! Make sure you hire the right professionals to get the job done. Look for pest infestations meticulously and should you find any problems, take measures to fix them right away. You cannot take any risks in this regard so invest in the best service available. You can always ask other tenants in the building and see if they have complaints to make too. Arm yourself with as much information as you can and then take necessary action.After you have carried out your building inspections, check to see if refurbishing and renovations are necessary. If so, make provisions in your budget for these expenses.

The costs

Consider if your organization can afford the rent of the new place. You will have to sit with your financial team to discuss the minute details of the move. You will have to account for costs like refurbishing, renovating, new furniture and fixtures during the process too.

Get your staff involved

It’s quite important to make everyone aware of the details of the move. Keep your employees informed at all times and win their support by encouraging them to freely express the opinions and suggestions. It will be their new work place too so it’s important to allow them to have a say.
A new office space will elevate the moods of employees for sure. So make sure you choose a place that is right for all!