Looking For That Ideal Job For You?

If you are right after college, you must be looking for that perfect first job. Or it could be that you are waiting for a break to find a better job opportunity which was always your dream. Whatever it is, if you are still looking in the internet and haven’t found the right job, it is time to change the tactics.

You must take care to apply only for the best suited jobs. HR managers or team leads will just get annoyed if they get a resume for a sales job when they have clearly mentioned they are looking for an administrative executive. Therefore you need to first evaluate yourself, your skills and abilities and also your weaknesses to see what sort of a job suits you. Although your education will also play a part, going forward it is mostly your experience that will be important. After confirming which field you are good at- sales, marketing, accounting, business development etc. – you can look for jobs in Warragul and start applying.

Sending in the applications
What most job hunters are doing wrong is the applying part. If you have a one-version-fits-all CV to be sent out to all vacancies in any company, there itself you can give up the idea of finding a good career opportunity. There must be at least several resumes which highlights your various skills and aspects of the profession you are at now; for example, if you are engaged in sales, it could be that you also do a bit of business development, writing for advertisements and promotions, coordinate with graphic designers, ad agencies and the like, make reports and budgets and so much more. If you search in the internet or rarely, in newspapers, you will see vacancies similar to what you do; but not the exact same. This is not surprising because no two companies are alike. But if you send the same CV to each and every one it will be rejected in no time.

Trying through head hunters
There are head hunters, or job agencies, which connects candidates to companies with vacancies. You can send in the CV, a very comprehensive one, for common vacancies. However best is to contact them and explain that you have been doing a lot of different tasks hence you prefer to send in a separate resume to different openings. Do not confuse http://www.bestmatch.com.au/employers/temporary-recruitment/ with head hunters though. They provide day-to-day labour, so unless if you are interested in a part-time job, it will be of little interest to you. Most head hunters now provide an online platform where you can register yourself so when a suitable vacancy comes up you will be alerted. In that case, you can send in that tailor-made CV directly to the advertiser. For a good life, you need a good pay. Not exorbitant amounts but something with which you can manage a decent life. However it is not the only objective of having a job. You must be proud of what you do and content about the career development available in the position you are in. So if you are not happy, it is best to move on. recruit-agency